So...what makes us different?

We provide uniformed security officers licensed and commissioned by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Officers are experienced and have training in de-escalation; tactical handcuffing; patrol techniques; report writing and documentation; effective communication and interviewing; and investigations just to name a few.

Our officers are fit for duty and fully equipped, including but not limited to a handgun, OC spray, expandable baton, Taser (if certified), bodycam, and a two-way radio. Reports will be generated electronically, so no need for file cabinets full of reports!

We are not an "observe and report" company. What makes us different from the competition is the fact that every one of our officers are of top quality, experienced, and provided with the necessary tools and information to protect your property. Our officers' main duties are to prevent the consequences of theft, prevent and stop criminal acts in progress, make arrests if lawfully necessary, and respond to calls for service in a professional and timely manner.


We strive to provide you with the best service your hard-earned income can provide. Yes, we are a new security company in the area, but we personally know the pain you've been through with those other guys. Contact us today — make the switch. You'll be glad you did!